Cavity Wall Claims

Cavity wall insulation services were rolled out by the Government in a bid to ensure energy prices are lowered by cutting out carbon emissions present in poorly conditioned homes.

This led to millions of homes having cavity wall insulation installed but over the years, it has come to light that the installation has led to more harm than good. Defective installation has led to damages/injuries such as – property damage, damp (usually indicated by black markings present), an increase in energy bills in order to compensate for the lack of adequate heating, furniture or walls becoming mouldy, an unpleasant smell being present, rooms becoming unusable and illnesses being borne such as asthma, eczema, irritation, itchiness, dry skin and respiratory problems.

These problems exacerbate in weather of extreme conditions e.g. when the temperature is very hot or very cold so your problems may just be seasonal as opposed to consistent.

You could be one of the many millions affected by defective cavity wall insulation installation. If you feel either the condition of your health, your property or the health of other individuals in your household has been affected due to lack of adequate housing provisions, you may be entitled to make a claim for compensation.

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