Civil Litigation

Our Approach to Civil Litigation

If you are in a dispute with another person or organisation and thinking about taking legal action against them, it’s vital to have the support of experienced civil litigation lawyers. Our litigators boast years of knowledge and experience helping clients resolve their disputes in a way that secures the best possible outcome.

Our excellent reputation is built upon our proficiency in litigation, our meticulous preparation and fearless commitment to our client’s cases. We are logistically resourced to deal with very large cases, but put the same care into all our work, whether litigating claims at the County Court, High Court or Court of Appeal.

Litigation Friend

A “litigation friend” can be required in two circumstances. If a party in legal proceedings (for example, the person bringing a claim) is under 18 years old, a litigation friend must be appointed to act on their behalf unless the court orders otherwise. If a party to proceedings is deemed to lack mental capacity to conduct the proceedings independently, they are considered to be a “protected party” and they too must have a litigation friend to conduct the proceedings on their behalf. These requirements apply regardless of whether the party in question is represented by a solicitor. Find out more.