Conspiracy offences can be complex and circumstantial. In a modern-day world, offences such as these are heavily reliant upon bulks of evidence including written statements or video evidence via CCTV or mobile phone footage. They also involve serious allegations, such as conspiring to murder or cause serious injury, or conspiring to supply drugs. We understand how burdensome it can feel to be under investigation for an offence of this nature. You can trust our criminal defence team to support your case throughout the process.

  • The main offence of conspiracy comes from Section 1 of the Criminal Law Act 1977. If you or two more individuals have agreed to commit a future offence, you could be convicted of conspiracy. You are liable as soon as the agreement is formed. An agreement to conspire may be oral, written or by other means. It does not matter if the offence is carried out, you may still be prosecuted for conspiracy.
  • We also specialise in conspiracy to supply drugs cases. You may be prosecuted for conspiracy to supply drugs even if you were not directly supplying drugs and your involvement was minor, in accordance with the Criminal Law Act 1977.
  • Another type of this offence is conspiracy to defraud. This consists of an agreement made between you and two or more people to deprive or to restrict another’s property rights.

In this difficult area of law, conduct that is not a crime or a civil wrong has the potential to be criminalised. Rees Clayton Solicitors are accomplished in defending cases of this nature. Even if your involvement was insignificant and you are concerned about your position, Rees Clayton Solicitors are here to provide you with professional legal assistance. There is no case too complicated for us, given our Solicitors have extensive experience in defending such cases nationwide. Call us today on 01282 678767 / 0330 053 6767 or contact us online.