Drug Offences

Our criminal defence team have been involved in a wide range of drugs offences, from simple possession offences to large scale operations to supply, cultivate and importation of  illegal drugs. These types of prosecutions have become more prevalent over recent years and the sentences can be severe to act as a deterrence to others.

These offences are mainly found in the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 be categorised as follows:

  • Possession of a controlled drug, simply means you are caught with an illegal drug in your possession and you knew it to be an illegal drug. This could be a small amount and unlikely to attract a custodial sentence depending on the class of drug and quantity. There is a 7 year maximum sentence for class A drugs; a 5 years maximum for a class B drug; and 2 years maximum for class C drug.
  • Possession of a controlled drug with intent to supply it to another, simply means that you are in possession of an illegal drug with the intention to supply or deal it to others including friends. If found guilty custodial sentences are likely depending on the circumstances. There is a maximum life sentence for class A drugs; a 14 years maximum for a class B or C drug.
  • Production/Cultivation of a controlled drug, usually occurs when a person grow/produce an illegal drug such as cannabis or is involved in the method of production. This can often be deemed to be serious by the Courts and again carries life imprisonment for Class A drugs and 14 years imprisonment for class B and C drugs.
  • Importation of a controlled drug occurs when a person acquires possession of drugs for which there is a prohibition on, with a view to import them into the country by carrying, concealing them. These are serious offences and again carries life imprisonment for Class A drugs and 14 years imprisonment for class B and C drugs.
  • Conspiracy to supply a controlled drug – this normally involves two or more people and can carry hefty sentences. Please see the Conspiracy tab for further information.

Most drug offences, will normally involve forensic evidence and financial evidence. The Crown Prosecution Service will also normally infer a person has committed an offence due to the circumstances the person finds himself in. It is also important to note, that drugs offences often have a hierarchy of roles which affect the sentence a person receives.

If you have been charged with any type of drugs offences, it is important to obtain expert legal advice. Rees Clayton Solicitors are proactive and take a rigorous approach in challenging the prosecution evidence (whether that be cell site, telephone evidence as well as forensic evidence). Such a proactive approach can often lead to acquittals or a lesser sentence being imposed especially where the role of the offender is questioned. We want to help you to achieve justice.

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