Legal Aid

At Rees Clayton Solicitors, we offer Legal Aid in relation to criminal offences. Legal Aid is administered by the Legal Aid Agency and we have been accredited with offering this service to our clients.

We offer legal aid at the Police Station, Magistrates Court and Crown Court. It is important to know that everyone arrested at the Police Station is entitled to free and independent legal advice. If you are attending the Police Station, we would strongly suggest that you seek legal advice before the interview. Our criminal defence team will be able to assist.

In the Magistrates and Crown Court, there are two tests for legal aid, namely, whether it is in the interests of justice for legal aid to be granted to you and secondly a financial test based on your finances.

In the Crown Court, these two tests still apply but you may have to pay a contribution towards your legal costs over a 6 month period.

Please contact us and we can go through the necessary criteria and forms with you. If, however, you do not qualify for legal aid then we can offer fees on a private paying basis. These are competitive, and you can discuss this with us in a free no obligation consultation by contacting us on 01282 678767 / 0330 053 6767 or contact us online.