Sexual Offences

Relationships, careers and reputations are all at stake. Being Accused of a sexual offence can be a very anxious and stressful time. The lengthy custodial sentences and threat of being on the Sexual Offences Register is a reality. In recent times the greater public awareness and the stigma attached to these offences can place a lot of pressure on family and friends.

Rees Clayton Solicitors are here to ease the pressure and fight your corner throughout the investigation. We deal with every type of sexual offence, from indecent images, sexual assault and rape. We have defended many cases over the years and have extensive experience in this area. Some allegations can be malicious, made by ex-partners or where family conflicts have arisen. Other cases are historic and often it is one’s word against another’s.

One of the key issues that arises is that of consent. In law, if the complainant consents or the defendant had a reasonable belief that the complainant consented then an offence has not been committed. However, both circumstances can be difficult to prove especially when the evidence is dependant on one person’s word against another’s.

In relation to offences of indecent images, often a person may not be aware of content that is downloaded onto their device due to Malware/Trojans. It is therefore, important to analyse the computer with the help of an experienced Solicitor and their panel of computer experts.

Rees Clayton Solicitors recognise these issues and with thorough investigation can assist you in preparing your defence. Such a proactive approach can often lead to acquittals or a lesser sentence being imposed. We will always treat your case with total care, confidentiality and respect.

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