Road Traffic Accidents

Road Traffic Accident (also abbreviated as RTA) claims are where injuries occur as a result of a road traffic accident e.g. being involved in a car crash or being struck on a pavement. You do not have to be physically driving the vehicle to make a claim – you can be a passenger, pedestrian, another motorist, riding a horse or riding a motorcycle. The types of injuries prevalent in a RTA claim include, but not limited to –

  • whiplash
  • fractures
  • soft tissue injuries
  • clean breaks of bones
  • trauma
  • abrasions
  • muscle injuries
  • dislocations
  • concussions
  • injured or broken limbs
  • internal or external bleeding
  • injuries which necessitate surgery or even amputation
  • muscle spasms
  • nausea
  • disfigurement

f you have been involved in an RTA accident within the past 3 years, please contact as soon as possible so we can provide you with the best legal advice possible regarding your matter. We will need to request key information from you at this instance such as driver details of both you and the third party, evidence of the accident such as audio or video evidence, photographs, witness details, whether any CCTV footage is traceable, where and when the accident occurred, the severity of your injuries sustained etc. The need for this information is imperative to ensure that your claim flows smoothly without any aberrations hence why we stress the importance of transparency and communication between ourselves and you.