Motoring Offences

Rees Clayton Solicitors are motoring law specialists. Motoring offences can cause extreme anxiety when your driving licence is at stake. We understand that driving is an essential part to your livelihood and can have massive consequences for you. Our reputation is second to none, we fight to save licences.

Our aim is to deliver the best possible service through our knowledge, determination and dedication to your case. We are happy to meet with you prior to your hearing to discuss your case in detail and we will ensure that your case is fully prepared before we represent you in court.

Our motoring lawyers have represented clients nationwide in a vast array of offences and have immense experience in defending individuals accused of driving offences. Here are just a few offences we offer legal advice for:

  • Driving whilst uninsured or whilst disqualified – If there is evidence that you have been driving whilst uninsured or disqualified, it is likely you will be summonsed to court. It carries a possible penalty of 6 points on your license. Depending on the seriousness of the offence, the court may consider disqualification. With the expertise of our motoring team, we can secure the best possible outcome for you and ensure you keep your license.
  • Speeding – If you are stopped for speeding, the police can either give you a verbal warning or take the case forward and summons you to a court hearing. If you are summonsed to court, it is critical that you have the right representation to avoid penalty points.
  • Failing to provide a sample of breath, blood or urine – The police can stop you, whenever they think is appropriate and ask you to take a breath test. It is common that many people will refuse to take a test. However, you can be charged if you do not have a reasonable excuse. A reasonable excuse is a physical or mental condition which restricts you from providing a sample. Often, many police officers do not meet the standard to conduct this procedure. If you feel it was not satisfactory and require legal advice, call us for a free no obligation consultation with one of our expert motoring lawyers.
  • Drink driving (excess alcohol) or driving under the influence of drugs – If there is evidence that you have been attempting to drive while above the legal limit, you will be required to attend Court. It is possible that the court may impose a 6-month custodial sentence. It is also possible that the court could impose a fine or a driving ban. If you are convicted of drug driving, you will receive a minimum 1-year driving ban. The court can also impose a fine or a 6-month custodial sentence. If you are convicted of drink or drug driving, your driving license will show this and could last up to 11 years.
  • Careless driving – This offence may apply to you if you have been driving without due care or attention. If you have been driving without reasonable consideration for other road users, you may be guilty of careless driving. A simple momentary lapse in concentration is all it takes for such a charge.
  • Dangerous driving – If there is evidence that you have fallen below the standard expected of a competent and careful driver, you may be guilty of dangerous driving. Examples of dangerous driving are racing, speeding, driving with aggression (sudden lane changes) or driving whilst using a phone. This offence is triable either way. This means it can be tried at the Magistrates Court, where the court can impose a maximum sentence of 6 months imprisonment. Otherwise, it can be tried at the Crown Court, where the court can impose a maximum sentence of 2 years imprisonment or a fine which is unlimited

Our Fees

Visit our fees pages to see a list of fixed fees and hourly rates for motoring law representation. Please call us for a free initial consultation and quote.

The right representation can prevent a severe sentence or penalty. At Rees Clayton Solicitors, we can provide you with professional legal support. If applied, the penalties associated with these offences can make the difference between losing or maintaining your livelihood. We fight to save licences.

If you are being investigated, charged or summoned for any type of motoring offence, then call us now on 01282 678767 / 0330 053 6767 or contact us online for a free no obligation consultation with one of our dedicated motoring lawyers. We will assess your case and inform you as to whether you have a defence.